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Care on YOUR Terms Matters!

CHI Health at Home, Little Falls office is a department of St. Gabriel’s Hospital, allowing home care and hospice staff to closely communicate with hospital and physicians regarding your plan of care.

The close relationship throughout CHI St. Gabriel’s providers assists in safeguarding quality services and positive patient outcomes throughout your continuum of care. As evidence by the home health being in top 100 or 500 agencies nationwide for quality multiple years in a row.

Why Home Care?

Medical services come to YOU when it is difficult for you to leave your home, delivered by local hometown care providers.

Help coming to your home within 24 hours of discharge, if needed, from a facility to ensure you have everything you need to be successful with return home.

Reduces risk of re-hospitalizations or emergency room visits as home health does head to toes assessment with each nursing visit, reviews medication understanding and effectiveness, and does education how to accomplish your goals of disease management.

Complications from falls are often reasons individuals health declines to help with this home health has skilled therapists that come and visit you in your home till you are strong enough to get out of home independently.

Unmanageable symptoms and wounds let our interdisciplinary team help you gain control of your life again.

Having difficult time remembering things or vision is getting worse, our Occupational therapist has developed a comprehensive program to assist you.

Safety and balance training needed our physical therapists come to work with you in your environment to develop a plan to help you prevent injury and disabilities.

Who is Eligible for Home Health?

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Individuals that have difficulty leaving their home unassisted
  • Individuals in need of continued skilled care and/or therapy to reach goals
  • Individuals with the potential to improve function or achieve heightened independence
  • Individuals with;
    • New, frequent or complex diagnosis or Medication changes
    • Safety concerns - frequent falls
    • Recent hospitalization
    • Needing Home IV therapy or infusions
    • Recent surgery, knee/hip replacements, fractures
    • Mild to Moderate dementia for cognitive testing and home safety assessment.
    • Symptom management, like pain, shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting, etc…

Insurance Coverage:

We accept most private insurances as well as Medicare.

  • Medicare requires that you must be homebound. This means you must experience a taxing effort to leave the home. Absences from the home should be short and infrequent and can include church, medical appointments, hair appointments or special occasions.
  • Private Insurances will also pay for home health while you are receiving skilled nursing and/or therapy services.
  • Contact will be made on your behalf to your insurance company in the event that you require prior or on-going authorizations for continuation of care.

Service Area

CHI Health at Home serves residents of Morrison County, and 30 mile radius from St. Gabriel's Hospital.


Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Days of service are seven days a week, including holidays and weekends. Patients are assessed and accepted on an individual basis.

Services Available

All Home Health staff follow a plan of care that is established by an interdisciplinary team that is centered on the client’s needs and wishes. The Interdisciplinary team includes the client and family/friends the client wants involved, nursing, therapy, physician, and other members of the clients health care team.

Skilled Nursing

  • Experienced, primary care nurses
  • Provides comprehensive assessment
  • Education and support to patient and caregivers
  • Visits are intermittent and based on patient and caregiver medical needs
  • Coordinates with physician and other team members as a patient advocate.
  • Many specialty areas such as symptom management, wound care, infusion, etc.

Home Health Aide

  • Provides visits intermittently as directed by the plan of care
  • 90% of time in home is to provide hands on care unless other arrangements are made.
  • Provides personal cares
  • Companionship
  • Light housekeeping

Therapy Services

Physical Therapy works with clients to improve strength and range of motion with the goal of greater independence with functional mobility skills such as walking, climbing stairs, transfers and bed mobility.

Occupational Therapy works with clients experiencing difficulty with fine motor functions, visual deficits, cognition and coordination in order to help them become as independent as possible with ADL’s.

Speech Therapy works to assist the client who has a communication or swallowing problem that may occur as the result of a stroke or accidental trauma.

Family Services Coordinator is available to assist clients with financial concerns, alternative living arrangements, or other social issues. The coordinator will assist with making appropriate community referrals.